How to Join Army 2022 in Pakistan

The application process for joining the Army is not an easy one, but the results can be rewarding. There are many benefits of joining the Army in Pakistan. First of all, the military is a great employer and can provide a secure life for you and your family. Second, you can serve your country proudly. It’s the best way to show your commitment and to be a part of the country’s future.

Minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4

To join the Army, candidates must have at least a masters degree. The minimum CGPA required for this position is 2.5. In addition, candidates must also have 62.5% annual system marks in mathematics, science, and/or Arabic. Applicants must also have completed their graduation program from a recognized university.

In addition, candidates should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or geo informatics. They must also have a minimum CGPA of 2.5 out of 4. Female candidates must also have a minimum mark of 62.5% in their bachelor’s degree.

Interested students can apply for the Army online or offline. Once they have submitted their application form, the Army will contact them and give them the necessary details. Once they are approved, they can submit it to an army selection center. The recruitment centre will then contact them to set a date and time for the test.

The minimum age limit for joining the Army is 28 years for male candidates. Women can join the Army through the Direct Short Service Commission. Candidates with a MPHIL or PHD degree will have better chances of selection.

Minimum CGPA for joining AM cadet course

If you’re planning to join the Pakistani Army as a cadet, then you need to have a good degree. For example, if you’re interested in joining the Corps of Signals (Sigs), you must have a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering. For the Army Education Corps (ASC), you need a masters degree. The minimum CGPA required for joining the Army Education Corps is 2.5. Also, if you’re interested in joining an Islamic education corps, you must have a degree in that field.

The next step is to prepare for the written test. This will be a multiple-choice test, focusing on English, Mathematics, and Science. You should be aware of all the details about this test so that you can prepare accordingly. The test is conducted on a regular basis. You should study Computer Studies and English, as these two subjects are essential for the Army.

The cadet course in Pakistan consists of 4 years of training. The students will have to complete their training at the Army Medical Institute (AFPGMI) Rawalpindi, CMH Lahore, CMH Kharian, and CMH Multan. Those with higher marks will be given preference.

Qualifications for joining PMA long course

The PMA long course is an educational program conducted at the Pakistan Military Academy. The training lasts two years and focuses on the latest techniques and war tactics. Candidates learn how to survive in a war zone, weapon assemblage, and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. Applicants must be 17 to 24 years old.

A grade point average of 60% or higher is required to be considered for admission into the course. In addition, a minimum of 50% in FA/FSc is required. Applicants must also be physically and mentally fit. The course is the only path to become a Commissioned Officer in the Pakistan Army.

The application process for PMA long course 151 requires the candidate to undergo a series of tests. First, the candidate must complete an initial written/intellectual test on a computer. The test consists of 85-90 MCQs. If the candidate passes this test, he/she can go on to the non-verbal portion. Candidates should prepare for these tests by taking practice tests online.

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