Hotel Jobs in Islamabad

whether you need a motel activity in Islamabad or looking to flow from your modern-day position, there are numerous one of a kind positions you could practice for. There are roles consisting of waiters, valets, and value officers. you will additionally find roles for medical experts, EPABX officers, and director of buying positions.


nearly all the motels in Islamabad are hiring Valet Attendants to attend to the guests’ automobiles. those specialists will greet visitors, assist them with their bags and nicely park their vehicles. they will also coordinate the transport of luggage and return of the vehicles whilst the visitors are ready to go away. A Valet Attendant must be well-versed in customer service, as they may be the primary contact for the guests. The earnings of a Valet Attendant in Islamabad is round Rs 203 consistent with hour, which is 24% better than the common revenue in Pakistan.

except the salary, Valet Attendants additionally get an advantage of round Rs 55,064. Valet works with many professionals to provide the first-rate valet carrier. those experts encompass resort the front table retailers, protection Guards, vehicle Wash Operators, Valet Drivers, Valet Managers, Valet Assistants, Valet Coordinators, Valet Coordinator Managers, Valet driver Managers, and Valet supervisors.

In Islamabad, Valet parking attendants also can get jobs in various executive departments, multinational personal companies, and government departments. There are different Valet motive force jobs to be had in all Pakistani cities and states.


whether you’re an skilled waiter or a clean graduate, there are many Waiter motel jobs in Islamabad to choose from. further to a plethora of jobs inside the hospitality quarter, Islamabad also boasts an top notch transportation system, a spread of restaurants and parks, and an excellent range of recreational activities. The metropolis is also home to several international schools and has been named the pleasant place to stay in Pakistan.

Waiters are first and most important customer service specialists. They need so that it will paintings underneath pressure and stand for lengthy intervals. among different capabilities, they need to also be able to carry objects.

Waiter hotel jobs in Islamabad are available in both the governmental and personal sectors. The Serena motel announced activity openings in Islamabad, Pakistan, saying a complete-time role for a waitress. This activity pays a income of Rs-30,000. The army excessive Altitude faculty is also looking to fill Mess Waiter positions. The faculty requires candidates to upload a CV. applicants can be contacted for interviews.

Waiter motel jobs in Islamabad might not be the maximum prestigious jobs available, however they’re in reality the most fun. they’re also the great way to find a task in the hospitality zone.

EPABX Officer

EPABX Officer resort jobs in Islamabad are in excessive call for due to the growing wide variety of guests. EPBAX is an acronym for electronic point of Sale and is utilized by accommodations to manage incoming calls and room reservations. It also allows resorts to tune sales and fees in real-time. EPABX Officer resort jobs in Islamabad aren’t just about handling calls, though. This task is likewise answerable for coordinating with house responsibilities and other departments, in addition to keeping a excessive degree of room income.

The front table has numerous functions, inclusive of reservation, concierge, and government membership. it’s also home to the laptop inn, which affords a personalized provider. The the front office is also accountable for managing incoming calls the use of EPBAX. EPABX Officer resort jobs in Islamabad also are chargeable for ensuring superior occupancy.

value Officer

Having a task as a cost Officer in Islamabad is a splendid possibility for the ones seeking out a task in the hospitality enterprise. Islamabad is the capital metropolis of Pakistan and it is domestic to several federal departments and companies. Islamabad is likewise a place for travelers who need to revel in the historical past of the united states of america. There are several on-line hospitality jobs in Islamabad which might be effortlessly handy. you can follow for these jobs through traveling the internet site and completing the application shape.

As a price officer, you’ll be chargeable for managing the receiving department as well as a group of storekeepers. you may additionally oversee the overall store supplies in addition to meals and beverage inventory. you will additionally oversee fee savings projects and the menu costing manner. you may additionally be chargeable for making sure that complimentary checks, officials’ food, and month-end journal vouchers are accounted for. you will also be a full-time employee.

there are numerous motels in Islamabad, and you can discover a task in Islamabad in both the public and private sectors. you can practice for a activity in Islamabad by using traveling the website or via submitting an application form thru the net.

scientific Officer

placed inside the capital town of Pakistan, Islamabad is domestic to the united states of america’s federal departments and ministries. further to this, it’s also home to numerous instructional establishments and global-class accommodations. As a end result, many college students and tourists flock to the town for education and amusement.

fortunately for the fortunate few, a selection of jobs are to be had in Islamabad, from entry-level positions to managerial jobs. an awesome manner to find out approximately jobs in Islamabad is to test out the numerous websites that cater to this metropolis’s residents. some of those websites offer jobs in various regions, from safety to coaching. whilst you are at it, you might additionally want to check out the nearby newspaper and notice what forms of jobs are to be had. This manner, you’ll be capable of discover the jobs that satisfactory healthy your ability set. ultimately, make sure to preserve your finger on the pulse, as jobs generally tend to pop up often.

Director of buying

shopping managers in lodges are answerable for making sure that the inn’s price range is not handed. buying managers additionally want to make certain that they collect long lasting goods. This includes shopping for new gadget and components. shopping managers may also negotiate with several companies to secure contracts for goods and services. they may also train purchasing buddies on negotiation techniques. this is a worrying task, and it calls for robust interpersonal skills and excellent customer support.

purchasing managers in lodges may manage a team of purchasing associates. each purchasing companion can be assigned to manipulate one product type. they’ll additionally be tasked with handling one place. purchasing managers in accommodations may negotiate long-term contracts, or they’ll negotiate one-off deliver offers. they may want so that it will cope with emergencies and respond to requests. they will additionally want to be to be had 24 hours an afternoon, and they may need to have terrific verbal exchange abilties. they may also want a good way to become aware of staff learning wishes and help develop the inn’s personnel.

shopping managers in inns want to have a eager interest within the resort enterprise, in addition to a strong work ethic. This activity calls for robust interpersonal abilities and a desire to work in a quick-paced surroundings.

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