Which country has given loan to Pakistan?

Pakistan has received loans from several countries and international financial institutions over the years. Some of the countries that have given loans to Pakistan include China, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Japan, and United Kingdom, among others. Additionally, international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, and Asian Development … Read more

What of loans?

In a loan, one party (the lender) loans money or other assets to another party (the borrower), understanding that the borrower will pay back the loan with interest over a predetermined period. Personal loans, commercial loans, mortgages, student loans, and many other types of loans are all examples of different types of loans. Several lenders, … Read more

Where can I get interest free loan in Pakistan?

There are a few interest-free loan options available in Pakistan, depending on your eligibility and requirements. Here are some options you can explore: Akhuwat: Akhuwat is a non-profit organization that offers interest-free loans to low-income individuals and families. You can apply for their loans online or by visiting their nearest branch. Punjab Small Industries Corporation … Read more